Teach You, Algorithms Do?

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Last month, Vicki Phillips published We Should Be Teaching Our Students Like Yoda Taught Luke in Wired Magazine.  The title passed across my Twitter timeline several times over the weeks, and every time it gnawed at the media critic inside:  Yoda as a teacher is a caricature of a Westerner’s view of a Maharishi, right down to the riddle cadence.  EdTech is full of such bombast designed to provide a shallow read for a slightly engaged audience, and having reached veteran status in the field I do a pretty good job of brushing aside hyperbole and sticking to substance.  I assumed it was a poorly devised metaphor to fit the EdTech boilerplate, no more.

Last week, the article was emailed to me on good authority as something I needed to read.  And I did.  And an article that at first was considered for Worst EdTech Title of 2015 quickly became a nominee for Worst EdTech Article of 2015. MORE


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