A Roundtable Discussion of the LMS – #EduSoCal14

I will be part of a roundtable discussion tomorrow as part of the EduSoCal 2014 conference, discussing the role of learning management systems in how students, faculty and administration envision higher education.  I am somewhat the organizer of the roundtable; charged with finding a topic within educational technology that was pressing and could lend to rigorous debate with the potential for tangible outcome, I thought recent movement in the world of the LMS was an apt place for discussion.  At the same time as Google Classroom joins LMS providers such as Sakai, Desire2Learn, Moodle and Blackboard in producing Intranets of education, a separate band of educators are advocating for a learning management without the system, efforts seen in A Domain of One’s Own and Reclaim Hosting.  In a world of disruption and reinvention seen in personalization and MOOCs, this moment in time seemed an apt opportunity to discuss the LMS from many angles:  theoretical to structural to political, the student to the faculty to the administrator.

I go into this as a massager of argument and a facilitator of discussion.  We have a start-studded panel (Linda Polin of Pepperdine, Crista Copp of LMU, Susan Metros of USC, Chris Mattia and Dax Jacobson of California State University – Channel Islands, Mikhail Gershovich of Baruch College – CUNY, Holly Ludgate of the New Media Consortium, Brian Foley of California State University – Northridge), and I expect conversation to be rigorous and energetic.

This is a conversation open to the world of interest throughout the Internet; you can see our web spoke (where we will aggregate and collect information) at lmssocal.wordpress.com (including links to Google docs we have engaged), and we will be active on Twitter at #lmssocal.


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