___modernism(s): Lenses to View EdTech (A Google+ Hangout)

___modernism(s): Lenses to View EdTech (A Google+ Hangout)

On Tuesday, May 26 at 5pm PST, I will be sitting down in a Google+ Hangout as part of “___modernism:  A discussion of philosophical lenses for higher education.”  Matt Crosslin of The University of Texas at Arlington’s LINK Research Lab will be discussing the lens of metamodernism, while I will be furthering my recent scholarship by talking about adopting a postmodern lens from which to view education.  Our moderator is Whitney Kilgore from iDesignEDU and PhD candidate at the University of North Texas.

Such conversations are exciting and show evidence of the EdTech field in engaging theory and philosophy as foundational to the topics and obstacles of our discipline and education’s function in society.  I may not agree with metamodernism, I may not agree with postmodernism, I may not agree with pragmatism, I may not agree with critical theory, but having that lens provides perspective to the purposes of models/technologies forming today.  I greatly appreciate that Matt Crosslin identifies his work as coming from a metamodernist lens; it creates a foundation for any conversations we have regarding the tools/instruments/measurements/analytics/models we use in our professional practices.  I have put a flag in the ground regarding postmodernism; it is a useful lens from which to view both the social landscape of EdTech as well as the practical.  It might be complicated to navigate theory and philosophy at the heart of topics in EdTech, but it is wrong to pretend or believe the EdTech field to be atheoretical/aphilosophical/ahistorical/apolitical/neutral.

The conversation will stream live and you are invited; this blog post will be updated with the link to the hangout.  If you are unable to attend, the recording will be available shortly thereafter.

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