Joining the Blog Hub

Joining the Blog Hub

One of the unique tools we will use during EDTC 6104 is the WordPress plugin feedwordpress which allows specifically tagged blogs to appear on an aggregate site.  This creates a living artifact for our course, a resource specific to the needs of Cohort 1 in Digital Learning Environments that traces the trials and tribulations of this course.  Blog hubs have been used in a number of open courses in the past, such as Alec Couros’ #etmooc as well as Teaching With WordPress at the University of British Columbia.

Alan Levine provided an excellent run-down of what people need to do to ensure their blog posts go to the hub of choice during #etmooc; Alan’s writing style is personable and can make complex issues read much more easily.  His words will work for the purposes of this course; however, I will briefly note specifically to this course what you need to do to link your blog to our blog hub.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.39.00 PM1.  Decide how you will distinguish your postings (category or tag).  Our plugin, feedwordpress, will recognize your blog either based on a category or a tag.  You can see I chose to utilize the category EDTC6104 for all blogs pertaining to this course, which is a preference for how I blog (tags are how I think internally, categories are how I want to be seen externally).  The URL in WordPress is for the category, the URL for tags would be

You can use whatever sort of category/tag you would like. The important thing is to remember to apply it for every blog you write for EDTC6104 (whether an assignment, something supplemental, or something you did on your own but found pertinent).  An interesting aspect of blog hubs — months and years after the course they can remain vibrant from participants continuing to commune around the topic at the digital space!

2.  Let us know your decision!  Post in the comments here what you want to do (tag or category) and what the signifier will be.

3.  When you write your first blog, create & use the category or use the tag.  It will not appear on the blog hub immediately; the page has to be refreshed manually at this point (we are in beta), but trust that sometime that day or early the next day, you will see your blog on the main aggregate site!

We look forward to engaging your writing!

Photo – Flagstaff Big Wheels by Alan Levine (CC BY 2.0)

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