Administrative Experience

Director of Educational Technology & Media
Assistant Professor

2014 – present
Seattle Pacific University (Seattle, WA)
In conjunction with the University’s strategic plan, provide direct leadership to faculty and senior administration on the relationship of technology, pedagogy, and content — its emergence, its practice, and its assessment.

  • Signatory for academic technology (LMS, lecture capture, pedagogy tools).  Includes chair of the LMS Task Force, which from 2015-2016 led a review of campus LMS, outlined a five-year future for blended/online learning, resulting in a campus-wide LMS move (Blackboard —> Canvas)
  • Identify, model and support emerging practices in teaching and learning through constructing/supporting products & pedagogies.  Projects include DigitaLobby (a campus-wide WordPress multisite for incorporating learning and digital identity), Salon (monthly makerspace for faculty creation & development), and the pedagogy card deck (active learning tips, prompts and activities available in all classrooms and [soon] via app)
  • Administrator for University professional development initiatives:  lectures, campus-wide workshops, year-long courses, one-off professional development, communities of practice, online materials, school/college lectures, department events, group consultations, book clubs, webinars.
  • Serve on University committees:  Academic Innovation Committee, Academic Assessment Committee, Faculty Development Committee
  • Supervise a staff including instructional designers, media specialists, LMS analysts and faculty help desk support.
  • Work with grant-seeking departments and faculty on developing proposals, building learning objects and structures, and assessing results in terms of student learning/discipline-specific research.
  • Oversee budgets for the department, the campus’ academic labs and (co-oversight) the student technology fee allocation.
  • Work with software company developers and representatives on contract negotiation, enterprise-wide assistance and further engagement of systems.

CEO, Lead Consultant

2006 – present
RAM TEC, LLC (Los Angeles, CA & Seattle, WA)

Consulting practice specializing in the development, implementation and assessment of learning environments as well as strategies for individuals, schools and organizations.

  • Work with institutions and organizations to author white papers on strategic initiatives:  campus technology initiatives, adherence to missions, five- and ten-year plans for online growth, developing student-centered online learning initiatives.
  • Provide research-based support in learning assessment for formal and non-formal institutions.  Run quantitative analysis of student scores, as well as coded qualitative data to analyze student learning in project-based and competency-based spaces.
  • Develop infrastructure for faculty to create and implement grant-based programs for teaching and learning in non-formal institutions.
  • Canvas institutional stakeholders and compile information on beliefs and assumptions toward future trends in teaching and learning; use information to develop strategies for creating environment-specific learning opportunities.

Director of Academic Technology

2006 – 2012
Park Century School (Culver City, CA)

Provide multimodal opportunities for faculty, staff and students to achieve success in teaching and learning, focusing on personalized learning within the environment of a school for students with learning disabilities.

  • Analyzed the use of instructional and assistive technology by faculty and staff in concert with students, resulting in the development of yearly comprehensive professional development programs.
  • Alongside educational psychologists, neuropsychologists, faculty and administration, developed unique learning objectives for students designated as requiring moderate to significant engagement  of assistive technology.
  • Implemented assistive technology programs for students, providing scaffolding and assistance with technology until students were able to utilize independently.  Provided assistance and support beyond achieving independence.
  • Assessed the growth of students in instruction and academic development, utilizing unique metrics and instruments to track and measure progress.
  • Oversaw and allocated instructional technology and professional development budgets.
  • Led parent educations and community workshops on technology and learning disabilities, as pertinent to the mission and goals of the school.
  • As necessary, served on school committees:  Safety & Security, Faculty Development, Media.

Literary Agent – Episodic Television

2005 – 2006
The Gage Group (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Represented the agency and its television writers within the pre-production television industry.  Worked with existing writers to develop new contents, edit existing work and promote work and self within the field.  Developed relationships with managers, producers and production companies, sharing the work of my authors and determining how our authors could fit the needs of the studios.  Represented authors in contract negotiations and work procurement.  Spearheaded the agency’s coverage unit, working with assistants and interns on providing sufficient coverage of solicited manuscripts as well as strategies for picking out strong ideas from unsolicited queries.

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