Peer Reviewed

Year Full Citation
2016 Moe, R. (accepted) The MOOC iceberg: How a learning phenomenon changes education through discourse and perception. Chapter in G. Veletsianos [Ed.] Emerging Trends in Distance Education, Volume 2.
2016 Moe, R. & Polin, L. (accepted). TPACK as a framework for educational technology instruction and practice. In K. Graziano & S. Bryans-Bongey [Eds.] Online Teaching: Issues, Methods, and Best Practices for K-12 Educators.
2015 Moe, R. (2015). OER as online edutainment resources: A critical look at branded content, the commodification of knowledge, and its effect on the OER movement. Learning, Media & Technology. 10.1080/17439884.2015.1029942
2015 Moe, R. (2015). The background of massive open online courses (MOOCs): Why two divergent models share one name. Current Issues in Emerging eLearning, 1(2). ISSN: 2373-6089
2014 Moe, R. (2014). The MOOC problem. Hybrid Pedagogy
2011 Moe, R. (2011). The crowdsourcing century: Utilizing participatory methods in organizing a museum’s collection. International Handbook of Academic Research & Teaching, 41(4), 411-415.
under review Veletsianos, G. & Moe, R. The MOOC phenomenon: Issues & implications. paper with George Veletsianos.

Mass Media

Year Full Citation
2016 Moe, R. (2016) Defining Innovations. OLC Insights
2015 Moe, R. (2015) Rationalizing Sisyphus. Hybrid Pedagogy
2014 Moe, R. (2014). Teaching writing massively: Parts 1 and 2. Keep Learning.
2014 Moe, R. (2014). Instead of framing ‘failure’ as a positive, why not use positive words? MindShift.
2014 Moe, R. (2014). 2013 in MOOCs: Which event best defined the quest to solve education? eCampus News
2013 Moe, R. (2013). We Have Lost the Term ‘MOOC.’ eCampus News

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