Conference Presentations

Year Citation Scope
2016 Croom, A. & Moe, R. (2016). Audiovisual OER in a text world: Breaking down the license. To be presented at OLC/MERLOT Innovation 2016. New Orleans, LA. International
2015 Moe, R. (2015). The sale of ‘Open Content’: Recognizing and negotiating philosophical quandaries in the OER definition. Presented at Open Education 2015. Vancouver, BC, Canada. International
2015 Moe, R. (2015). MOOC as a Canary: A Criticism of Educational Technology. Presented at 2015 Meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. Kona, HI. International
2015 Moe, R. (2015). ‘truth’ over ‘Pragmatism’ over ‘Zeal’: A philosophical and practical future for OER. Presented at dLRN 2015. San Jose, CA. International
2015 Bali, M., Crosslin, M., Hogue, R., Kilgore, W., Moe, R. & Watkins, H. (2015). My theory can whip your theory: The ontological smackdown to end all ontological smackdowns. Presented at dLRN 2015. San Jose, CA. International
2015 Moe, R. (2015). Organizational change: How policy and practice intersect in a strategic move of department mission. Presented at CCCU Technology Summit. Santa Barbara, CA. National
2015 Moe, R. (2015). OER as “Open Edutainment Resources”:  Branded digital content and the effect of openwashing a movement. Presented at Emerging Technologies in Online Learning Conference. Dallas, TX. International
2014 Flouty, R., Lytle-Painter, E., Moe, R., Smith, A. & Wolff, D. (2014). Centralized, decentralized, distributed: Emerging models for online learning in museums.  Presented at Museum Computer Network 2014.  Dallas, TX. International
2014 Veletsianos, G. & Moe, R. (2014). How can open scholarship address academia’s lack of impact on the ground? Presented at Open Education 2014. Washington, D.C. International
2014 Moe, R. (2014). The MOOC is a phenomenon! Expert thoughts on the future of higher education in MOOC terms. Presented at OLC International Conference. Orlando, FL. International
2014 Moe, R. & Leafstedt, J. (2014). Deconstructing the LMS. Presented at EduSoCal. Los Angeles, CA. Regional
2013 Moe, R. (2013). The MOOCseum:  Using connectivist pedagogy to engage 21st Century patrons.  Presented at Museum Computer Network.  Montreal, Quebec, Canada. International
2013 Moe, R. (2013). MOOC cartography:  Mapping the massive learning model across history, theory & pedagogy. Presented at Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning.  Orlando, FL. International
2013 Moe, R. (2013). MOOCseum:  Using the open movement to invigorate local museums. Open Education Conference.  Park City, UT. International
2013 Moe, R. (2013) The department of artifact interaction:  A museum education learning model. Sloan-C 6th Annual International Symposium:  Emerging Technologies for Online Learning.  Las Vegas, NV. International
2011 Moe, R. (2011) The wisdom of the crowds:  Human-computer interaction between child and object at an art museum. Intellectbase International Consortium.  Las Vegas, NV. National

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