Creative Writing MOOC

I believe that not only is it possible to teach a creative writing MOOC, it is possible for such a MOOC to be highly successful for the students in the course as well as serving a larger function of reshaping the MOOC argument to show the potential and possibility in the movement.

To that end, I will be leading a team of teachers, designers, facilitators and experts in a six-week Creative Writing MOOC through the Canvas network. The course will launch in January 2016.

Interested in joining Creative Writing MOOC?

From 09/19/14 my rationale for launching a MOOC in a field like creative writing.

For more information on the theory and pedagogy behind such an undertaking, see my two-part Keep Learning essay here and here.

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    1. Hi Alex; thank you for responding. If you follow the blog on this site, I will post updates and then when we are ready for registration go live from there!

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